I Believe The Hispanics Are Our Future
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As part of iSteve's continuing coverage of how I, for one, welcome our new Latino overlords, here's the Dallas News
You can almost hear the music — Highway to the Dangerzone. San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, like a young fighter jock in Top Gun, is clearly on a fast political trajectory, straight up. After his star turn at the Democratic National Convention, where the 38-year-old politico introduced himself nationally with a keynote address, word is he’s writing a memoir. The book should be on the shelves by the midterm elections in 2014. The San Antonio Express-News reports that New York-based Little, Brown and Co. will publish the autobiography. It’ll be written in English and Spanish and there’ll be an audio version.
Little, Brown and Co. do know, don't they, that Mayor of San Antonio isn't a real job? We're all clear on the concept that being Mayor of San Antonio is not like being Mayor of Chicago, right?

San Antonio City Manager Sheryl Sculley gets paid about two orders of magnitude more than Julian Castro to actually run the government of San Antonio. So, being the Mayor of San Antonio is more like being the Mayor of Hollywood, the King of the Hobos, or the Ayatolla of Rock 'n' Rolla. Capiche?
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