Hugh Hewitt's Latest Amnesty Rant: Illegal Aliens To Get Vouchers For Any Private Or Charter School—Vouchers That Americans Aren’t Eligible For
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Hugh Hewitt [Email him] can’t address the facts and reality of the immigration issue.  To him it is pandering to the radical left and differentiating himself from the unwashed Republican masses who dared support Proposition 187, which Hewitt brags to no end that he opposed.

However, he knows in his heart of hearts that immigration is a losing issue for conservatives and Republicans.  So desperate is he is that now he has decided to upend the Constitution and equal protection of the laws in an effort to link school choice reform and immigration.  (Sorry, no link.  Hewitt never transcribes his real stupid stuff.)

His latest inanity is that any upcoming amnesty, what he calls regularization, should include special provisions for the amnestied minor illegal aliens and any American citizen minor children of adult illegal aliens providing vouchers for any private or charter school.  It is a special welfare program just for minors who are illegal aliens and for the American citizen children of illegal aliens.

And what about regular American citizens?  Well, like most RINOs who support affirmative action, Hewitt appears not to care about hard working Americans and their children.  They won't be getting these special vouchers, 14th Amendment be damned.

Apparently Federal authority in the immigration area also gives the Federal government the authority to discriminate in the provision of education benefits.

Note that this so-called Professor of Constitutional Law apparently thinks that some citizens are more equal than others.  And some non-citizens are more equal than citizens.  This is  not surprising coming from one of the RINOs most contemptuous and disdainful of white, middle class Americans.  It probably stems from Hewitt's contempt and hatred of his white, middle class competitors in the afternoon drive slot in Los Angeles area talk radio.

His major competition is the John And Ken Show on KFI AM 64. Hewitt derisively refers to them as  "pot bangers," as the John And Ken Show is aggressive in dealing with public issues and holding politicians accountable.

Of course it is the pot bangers like John and Ken, as well as Rush, who defeated the Bush Amnesty, which now Hewitt says he opposed, but, in reality, he supported until such support became untenable given his radio audience.

But today Hewitt is supporting amnesty again, even without a piece of legislation to read, but is so desperate he will try and hook conservatives and real Republicans into it with anything, including special school choice just for illegal aliens and American citizens with illegal alien parents.

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