HUD Threatens Nebraska Over Illegal Aliens
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A federal government serious about fighting illegal immigration would—at the least—cut off funds to so-called "sanctuary cities" that allow illegal aliens free rein and prevent local police from cooperating with immigration officials. Of course, our federal government does no such thing. On the other hand, a case in the Cornhusker state indicates it might cut off funds if a state government doesn't coddle illegal aliens.

Although in this case, it might be better not to have the funds after all.

According to this article on,

Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning's failure to prosecute a case on behalf of two illegal immigrants could cost the state federal funding aimed at fighting discrimination.[AG's refusal to take illegal immigrants' case threatens federal funding, by Chris Rizo,April 19, 2008]
Get that? It could cost Nebraska the loss of "federal funding aimed at fighting discrimination"—well, every cloud has its silver lining, doesn't it?
Earlier this month, after the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission forwarded him the latest case involving the illegal immigrants, Bruning said the state should consider shutting down the commission entirely.
Now you're talking!
Taxpayer money, he added, should not be used to pursue a case on behalf of an illegal immigrant, even if there was a legitimate complaint.
After all, we're talking about people who don't even have a right to be in the country!

But HUD is getting tough, and is threatening Nebraska :

A U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development said Thursday that it would no longer reimburse the state for pursuing discrimination cases and would stop forwarding complaints it receives to the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission.
The Nebraska commission would lose $240,000 annually if federal officials stop paying the state for each complaint it investigates.

In addition to fair housing complaints, the commission also investigates cases of alleged job discrimination and public accommodation cases.

Federal funds, in other words, used to meddle in Nebraska private businesses and harass employers and property owners. It sounds like Nebraska would be better off not getting that money anyway!

Meanwhile, kudos to Nebraska's AG Bruning, another Middle American hero opposing the illegal invasion.

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