Howard Dean, Race, and Immigration: a Thought Experiment
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The fact that Howard Dean is not only still around but is Chairman of the Democratic Party National Committee means that the professionals in the party respect something about him. Consequently he needs to be taken seriously.

AP’s story Democratic Party chief says 2008 victory could depend on race, immigration The Associated Press September 30, 2006

does not, at this writing, seem to be very popular in the MSM – according to Google News, no major U.S. based newspaper has picked it up.

Race and immigration could determine the 2008 presidential race, Democratic Party chief Howard Dean told a group of Hispanic leaders Saturday… Dean said he is trying to encourage the turnout of minority voters who support Democrats..."If that works, we're going to do that in 2008 all over the place, but in the meantime this is a great opportunity for us in 2006," Dean told 225 people attending a luncheon at the party's annual Hispanic leadership summit.

More Dean:

Ultimately, Dean said, Democrats must look beyond race, gender and other qualities. He said he began thinking about a new strategy while visiting American Indians on a trip to South Dakota about a month ago. "It's time to have a ticket that looks like the rest of America," he said. "That's what I want to do next."

“Looks like the rest of America”. Of course, Clinton used this as an excuse for his elimination of white men from his cabinet. I suppose this means Dean is foreswearing the last successful Democratic Presidential formula: Clinton/Gore: two white men from the South.

Imagine a Republican Party Chairman saying that race and immigration are the issues for 2008 and that the party needs to mobilize the turn-out of ethnic groups which tend to favor it: white men of Christian heritage. Furthermore, the ticket has to look like its supporters (two white Southern men would be a good starting point.) That would be totally rational, and amply precedented in American history.

And it would probably get more MSM coverage.

But not as tolerant.

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