How Work From Home And The Racial Reckoning Are Causing Flight To White
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I talk a lot about Flight From White during the Great Awokening, but the combination of more urban disorder during the 2020s Racial Reckoning and the new popularity of Work From Home has encouraged a Flight To White.

A reader sends the following graph he made up from government American Community Survey data for people who moved in 2021.

The four types of households that moved in 2021 are divided into whites and nonwhites crossed with Work From Home vs. non–Work From Home. Above $50k income, every mover group on average moved to some place a little whiter than where they were previously living. The standouts were the tall gray bar on the right: white work-from-homes making over $250k who especially moved to whiter locales.

Life is good for, say, tech guys relocating from, say, San Francisco or Oakland to Lake Tahoe or Reno.

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