How Will McCain Vote On Feinstein/Craig Amnesty?
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We've written about the plan Dianne Feinstein has hatched to slip a five-year amnesty into an Iraq War bill, largely for the benefit of California employers..

The amendement is sponsored by Feinstein and the disgraced-but-not-gone Senator Larry Craig, who I didn't like even before his famous bathroom break.

Mickey Kaus writes

What's John McCain's position? Didn't he promise to "secure our borders first," holding off on "other aspects of the problem" (i.e. legalization) until a "widespread consensus" that border-security had been acheived? I think he did! He will presumably have to vote one way or the other (or else be conveniently absent). A not-small test case of whether he'll keep any of his promises to the right when he decides he'd rather not. ...
I never believed said promises in the first place, but it will be interesting to see if he has the nerve to break them before the election.
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