How Obama Can Save The U.S. Car Companies And The UAW
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The Democrats want to bailout the Big 3 car companies with taxpayer dollars in order to keep the United Auto Workers union going, while the Republicans seem to want the firms to go into bankruptcy so a judge can rewrite their ruinous UAW contracts.

The funny thing is that white Republicans are a lot more likely to buy Detroit cars than are white Democrats.

The Detroit manufacturers' basic problem is that the kind of white people who voted for Obama will no way, no how buy cars built by UAW workers in the Detroit area. If SWPLs can't afford cars built by Japanese, German, or Swedish workers, then they will overwhelmingly prefer Japanese brand cars built by white hillbillies in places like Tennessee, Kentucky, and southern Ohio to anything built by UAW members anywhere near Detroit. (Blacks still buy Detroit cars, so this doesn't apply to them.)

So, the solution seems obvious. President-Elect Obama should use his vast network to get 10 million of his wildly enthusiastic white supporters to sign legally-binding contracts to buy, within the next three years, American-brand cars built by UAW workers. With that collateral, the Big 3 could then borrow enough money to get by.

Surely, the SWPLs would follow their leader in doing this, right?

You don't think so? You think that voting for Obama was just a fashion gesture, and doing something so unfashionable as buying a piece-of-crap UAW-built car is something they would never do?

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