How Golf Fans At St. Andrews Heckle Tiger Woods
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Scottish golf fans are among the most discerning fans in all of sports. Watching the British Open on TV can be disconcerting because what the crowd cheers and doesn't cheer depends upon subtle slopes in course that you can't see on 2-D television. The player on the right side of the fairway hits a shot that stops 40' from the flag and the crowd goes wild (because he managed to hold his shot on a green tilted sharply away from him). Then, the player on the left side of the fairway hits his shot to 20' and is greeted with tepid applause (because he should have gotten it closer).

The Swinger is a new roman a clef novel about golf superstar Hubert X. "Tree" Tremont by two Sports Illustrated writers who clearly enjoy being liberated from the shackles of Access Journalism. In it, a fan at St. Andrew's heckles the struggling, post-disgrace Tree:

"Ya canna pleh without the magic drugs, ken ya?"
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