Honduran Kills Child with Axe
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Axe murder victim Paulder

What have we come to when a little boy could get killed with an axe to the face as he played outdoors with friends? Nine-year-old Jordin Paulder died Monday night in Fulton County Georgia, apparently the victim of "Honduran native" Santos Benigno Cabrera Borjas.

Three children were playing in the parking lot of the Chastain Apartments in Sandy Springs early Monday evening when a red car with a wobbly wheel drove through.

Jordin Paulder, a 9-year-old boy with chubby cheeks, called out to the car's passengers to tell them of the bad tire.

Jordin didn't mean to insult anybody, he just thought they should know, witnesses told police.

But the car stopped. A man got out and slammed an ax into Jordin's face. Emergency workers were afraid to remove the ax during the helicopter flight to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite hospital, where Jordin died. [Boy, 9, hacked to death, 6/7/06, Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

When the police approached the crime scene, Cabrera Borjas fled to a nearby apartment complex. After he broke an officer's arm by throwing a tire iron (or maybe a "rimmed tire" — accounts differ) and made threats with an iron pipe, the officer shot and killed him.

Since the accused killer is dead, there will be no trial to remind the public that illegal immigration is not a victimless crime — assuming Santos Cabrera Borjas was indeed an illegal entrant. The authorities may not pursue that detail, wishing to forget the whole sordid thing.

However, the killer's family already has a lawyer making "police brutality" and "wrongful death" noises, so the ugliness may continue. (Are unfounded lawsuits what the President meant today when he called for immigrant "assimilation"?)

Attorney Richard W. Summers said interviews with residents at the Chastain and Chateau Villa apartments are "leading me to the conclusion that [police] may have shot the wrong guy and were over zealous and hasty in their actions." [Police '99 percent sure' slain suspect was child killer, 6/7/06, AJC]

Interestingly, in 2004 "The [Georgia] Supreme Court has suspended Atlanta lawyer Richard W. Summers for 6 months" to discipline the attorney for shady practices. Funny how these people find each other.


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