Homeland Security Lied About Why They Couldn't Stop TB Traveller
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I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by this—Mohamed Atta was using his real name, and he had been dead for six months in the ashes of the World Trade Center when they issued him his renewed visa. By the way, while there are many common Hispanic names, like Juan Hernandez for example, that could cause confusion, this guy is named Amado Isidro Armendariz Amaya.

Traveler with TB did not use alias - - The Washington Times, America's Newspaper Traveler with TB did not use alias

By Audrey Hudson and Sara A. Carter October 26, 2007

Key senators said a Mexican national infected with a highly contagious form of tuberculosis did not use a fake name to enter the country 76 times and take numerous flights, as Homeland Security spokesmen had previously stated.

Sen. Joe Lieberman, Connecticut independent and chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and Sen. Susan Collins, Maine Republican and the panel's ranking member, said that Customs and Border Protection officials had the name and a corrected date of birth by mid-April but that the man continued to cross the border unfettered 21 more times.

"He wasn't using an alias," Miss Collins said.

"The first report that we got from the [Homeland Security] department was that that was the reason. That turned out not to be the case," Miss Collins said.

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