Homeland Security Gives English The Boot
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DHS is implementing Bill Clinton's executive order, notably not rescinded by Jorge Bush, making the United States a multi-lingual country.  English is no longer the primary, much less the most important language in the United States.  According to DHS any language is good enough to use when communicating with DHS, to obtain a DHS benefit, or even file a complaint that a person does not want to use English.

DHS Website 

Message from the Secretary

I am pleased to share the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Fiscal Year 2012 plan for providing meaningful access to homeland security programs and activities to people with limited English proficiency. At DHS, we recognize the importance of being able to communicate effectively with all individuals across our many missions and functions, not just with those who speak English...

It is the policy of DHS to provide meaningful access for individuals with limited English proficiency to operations, services, activities, and programs that support each Homeland Security mission area by providing quality language assistance services in a timely manner. DHS Components, therefore, should incorporate language access considerations into their routine strategic and business planning, identify and translate crucial documents into the most frequently encountered languages, provide interpretive services where appropriate, and educate personnel about language access responsibilities and how to utilize available language access resources.

To complain about this illegal and unauthorized waste of money contact DHS Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties here:  [email protected]


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