Hoist By Their Own Petard In Wisconsin
February 24, 2011, 11:20 PM
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In Wisconsin, Republican Governor Scott Walker`s plan to take away the collective bargaining power of the teacher`s union follows years of attacks by white liberals on teachers and teachers unions for failing to Close the Gap.

Consider the beginning of the media-celebrated documentary, "Waiting for `Superman.`" Davis Guggenheim, white liberal dad, winner of an Oscar for the Al Gore documentary, drives past three public schools in Venice every morning to get to a private school in Santa Monica. He muses on the narration that he felt he was "betraying the ideals I thought I lived by."

Why, then, doesn`t he send them to public school? Well, the obvious reason is because public schools in Venice are full of Hispanics and blacks (one of them is 95 percent Non-Asian Minority), and, privately, Guggenheim doesn`t think his kids will get as good an education in a classroom that has to cater to NAM needs. But, no way no how is he ever going to say that in public. He`d never get another Oscar.

So, Guggenheim makes a well-publicized documentary to blame his private decision on what`s best for his kids on the horrible, evil teachers unions who prevent America from Closing the Gap. See, if only the teachers unions weren`t screwing up black and Hispanic students so bad, Davis Guggenheim and his wife, movie star Elizabeth Shue, would be happy to put their kids in a 95 percent NAM school! But until America decides to Fix the Schools and Close the Gap by firing bad teachers, they`ll just have to continue to drive past all those public schools to their private school.

Can you blame Republican politicians for taking advantage of liberal logic?