Hmong Cause Minnestota TB Scare
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I just love reading the Minneapolis Star Tribune on immigration. The confluence of North European traditions of candid political comment, the relative newness of significant immigration, and the extreme social incompetence of some of the groups the local elite insists on bringing in, leads to a rich yield of stories.

Of course this honesty won’t be allowed to continue. But consider this story: Details: Tuberculosis information – Minneapolis Star Tribune January 29 2005 – free registration required “Immigration officials have halted the migration of Hmong immigrants from Thailand because of active cases of tuberculosis in Minnesota, Wisconsin and California. Here is some basic information about the disease…”

…Then the paper goes soberly about telling its readers of the symptoms and cures for tuberculosis.

Did you know the importation of Hmong had been suspended? This scare is a serious matter, otherwise the Minneapolis Star Tribune would not be issuing what is tantamount to a general health alert. A subsequent story TB cases delaying journeys for Hmong –Curt Brown Minneapolis Star Tribune January 29 2005 flatly says resumption of Hmong hmigration is “at least six months in the future.” It also provides this massive comfort:

“While the number of people with the contagious disease is expected to grow in Minnesota and elsewhere, health officials say there is no need to panic. Tuberculosis is largely treatable and curable, although it usually takes from six to 12 months to get rid of the disease."

’The public need not be alarmed,’ Ehresmann said [contact her]. ‘We're geared up for this and will follow up on all cases.’" So that’s OK then!

What does this say about the wisdom of local officials who so eagerly promoted bringing in hmore Hmong?

What hmorons! Why did Minnesota need this problem in the first place?

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