Hispanics Dying On The Job—Doing Work That Americans Don't Want To Do Because It's Unsafe
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This is a disturbing report, because it reveals the ease with which employers embrace decreased safety on the job, a trend which does not bode well for citizen workers.
Hispanic workers die at higher rates than other laborers, with 1 in 3 of these deaths occurring in the construction industry, a government study reported Thursday.

Hispanics tend to hold more high-risk jobs than those in other racial groups, but language and literacy barriers and poor training and supervision may also be factors, researchers said. The leading causes of death in recent years have been falls and highway-related accidents.

"Many of the Hispanic workers in construction are undocumented, and many of those who are recently arrived do face a language barrier," said Rakesh Kochhar, associated director for research at the Pew Hispanic Center.[Hispanics dying on job at higher rates than others By MIKE STOBBE, AP Medical Writer Thursday, June 5, 2008]

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