Hispanic Voting Numbers Crunched
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The Pew Hispanic Center has analyzed some exit polling, and noted interestingly that the percentage of the Hispanic vote has not risen since 2004, even in this year's highly emotional election. Read the full report in PDF here.

Also noteworthy is how few Hispanics voted for Senator McCain, even after he put his career on the line to finagle amnesty for their illegal alien pals and relatives. He joined up with Ted Kennedy to screw the country, something many friends of sovereignty can never forget.

Following is the introductory blurb from the Pew Hispanic website: The Hispanic Vote in the 2008 Election.

Hispanics voted for Democrats Barack Obama and Joe Biden over Republicans John McCain and Sarah Palin by a margin of more than two-to-one in the 2008 presidential election, 66% versus 32%, according to an analysis by the Pew Hispanic Center of exit polls from Edison Media Research as published by CNN. The Center's analysis also finds that 8% of the electorate was Latino, unchanged from 2004. This report contains an analysis of exit poll results for the Latino vote in 9 states and for the U.S.

Below is a graph taken from Steve Sailer's 2007 blog item, In 2006, the Long Predicted Tidal Wave of Angry Hispanic Voters Failed to Materialize Once Again. Apparently the promised tsunami didn't appear in this election either.

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