Hispanic School Custodian Allegedly Rapes 14-Year-Old Girl, Kills Her Baby, News Headline Says He's Been Suspended For "Impregnating Minor"
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The reader who sent this story writes,

I attended the University of Dallas in Irving, Texas. This was in the very late 70s. Irving was pretty much lily white except for a small number of blacks who had been there for generations. There was no crime of any sort, the residents were extremely friendly, and the public schools were some of the best in the metro area.

Now many parts of Irving look like Juarez.

Thank you, George Bush.

First of all, WFAA has severely minimized the story, starting with its headline: The custodian, Mauricio Hernandez, is not charged with “impregnating minor,” but with “aggravated sexual assault” (i.e., Rape I), and may be charged with felony murder, for allegedly giving the girl a drug that caused the baby to be born and die, according to Irving PD spokesman John Argumaniz. However, while Argumaniz is shown saying that in the videotape, the printed version cuts it out, and instead again minimizes the severity of Hernandez’ alleged actions: “Hernandez may face additional charges pending the outcome of the investigation.”

By the way, co-anchor John McCaa, although a black American, deferentially pronounces Hernandez’ name, as if he were in Mexico. He wouldn’t want to offend the alleged murderer and the latter’s reconquista supporters, including professional Hispanic co-anchor Gloria Campos.

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Irving ISD suspends custodian accused of impregnating minor

By Matt Goodman WFAA April 23, 2013, 9:57 p.m.; updated Tuesday, April 23 at 10:11 p.m.

An Irving ISD custodian is in custody for allegedly impregnating a 14-year-old girl and giving her pills that aborted the fetus.

Mauricio Hernandez is charged with aggravated sexual assault and is being held at the Irving Jail. Hernandez, 51, has been suspended and placed on paid administrative leave pending the investigation, said Irving Independent School District spokesman Billy Rudolph in a statement.

According to Irving PD spokesman John Argumaniz, police were alerted to the situation when the girl was taken to the hospital because she was bleeding. While receiving care, she cried out about the sexual assault and said she was pregnant and had given birth to a baby.

Hospital officials called Irving police, which triggered the investigation. Argumaniz said the child was found dead a short time later. He would not comment further about where the baby was found, citing the victim's age and the ongoing investigation.

Authorities discovered that Hernandez gave the victim pills that caused her to deliver "a child that died shortly after birth," Argumaniz wrote in an e-mail.

Hernandez may face additional charges pending the outcome of the investigation, he added. [As in, “felony murder”!]

Irving Independent School District superintendent Dr. Dana T. Bedden issued a statement about the incident, saying the district believes no other students are in danger.

"Irving ISD is working in full cooperation with the Irving Police Department regarding the recent arrest of one of our employees. As per district procedure this employee has been placed on administrative leave. Preliminary information from IPD, indicates that no other students have been identified as being at risk or involved in this incident. Given that this is an active police investigation and a personnel matter, we will not be able to discuss any other details at this time. Any other questions regarding this issue should be directed to the Irving Police Department.”

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