Hispanic Murder And Mayhem In Santa Barbara: Never Call It Hate Crime
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Folks who live on the left side of the country have a whole different perspective on murder and violence. Here on the left-side, Hispanics are murdering Hispanics. When my husband and I moved to Santa Barbara in 1972, the city was a safe place. Things have changed dramatically because of immigration.

In Santa Barbara, the residents who need to be wary of getting assaulted, stabbed or shot are Hispanics, not blacks or whites. Gangs began to appear as the children of Hispanic immigrants, mostly Mexican, reached their teens. In Santa Barbara, there are two primary gangs: the Eastside gang which is the most violent, and the Westside gang.

I have an 80-year-old friend who in 2008, attended the July 4th fireworks display with her family. She got in the way of a gang member with a knife who was chasing a 15-year old. Fortunately, she was run down by the Hispanic gangster and not his car. Although bruised and shaken, she came out with no fractures.  

The 15-year old was stabbed and another teen was murdered. The perpetrators were Hispanic gang members. [DA Strikes Plea Deal With July 4th Stabbing Suspects |Four Gangmembers Will Be Sentenced to Between 11 and 17 Years in State Prison, By Chris Meagher, The Santa Barbara Independent, February 21, 2012]

Gang members are mostly a threat to other gang members. For those who do not have Hispanic gang violence in their communities, it’s difficult to appreciate how angry impacted residents feel about the violence. See Diversity Is Strength! It's Also…Gang Warfare by Steve Sailer. Some blame it on illegal aliens but most of the gang members in Santa Barbara are second and third generation U.S. residents.

The Santa Barbara Independent ran a very good article several years ago about gangs. The article describes a sting which resulted in 28 federal, felony convictions but it also describes how Santa Barbara has been transformed by Hispanic gang violence. [Santa Bruta How the Eastside Gang was Gator Rolled, By Chris Meagher, August 26, 2010]

For the continuing story of murder and mayhem, The Independent has a gang website here.

Never heard about any of this? That’s because it doesn’t qualify as hate crime.

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