Hispanic Illegals Enslaving Other Hispanic Illegals In Florida—Headline:"Florida Family"
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Cesar and Geovanni Navarrete are charged with keeping illegals in slavery in Immokalee, Florida, locking them up and forcing them to pick tomatoes. The Department of Justice press release makes it clear that the perpetrators, as well as the victims are both aliens and illegal, saying that "Cesar, Geovanni, Jose, Villhina, Ismael and Michael Navarrete and Antonia Zuniga Vargas are also charged with harboring undocumented foreign nationals for private financial gain, commercial advantage, document fraud, and identity theft. Cesar Navarrete is charged with feloniously re-entering the United States after being convicted of a felony and deportation. Jose Navarrete and Ismael Michael Navarrete are charged with re-entering the United States after being deported."[Emphasis added]

Here are some sample headlines about this, based on the Associated Press story

You'll notice it's never "Immigrant Family Charged With Slavery," it's always "Family Charged With Immigrant Slavery"—immigrants can only  be victims in the headline.

And one news outlet gets it right—Univision!

 Familia hispana acusada de esclavitud | Mexicanos y guatemaltecos los afectados AFP  de 2008

Florida, which was part of the Confederacy, abolished slavery over 140 years ago, and abolished its Jim Crow laws approximately 40 years ago, but there are still people who think Floridians are evil white racists. It would be nice if the headline writers would admit that these modern-day slaveholders are not Floridians, but Hispanic illegal aliens.

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