Hispanic Homophobia...25 Years Later
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A month ago, I noted that that Hispanics are, shall we say, overly sensitive to suggestions that they may be homosexual.

Anyone who makes a reference to the possibility that a Hispanic may be gay should be ready to defend himself whether it’s true or not.

As it happens, an example n my hometown of Lodi, CA. more than twenty-five years ago has just resurfaced, thanks to the law's delay.

Rick Ortega, then nineteen, persuaded his cousin Michael Angelo Morales to kill Tokay High School Senior, Terri Lynn Winchell.

When police found Winchell’s body in a vineyard north of Lodi, she had been robbed, raped and stabbed. Police records indicate that Winchell had been hit in the head 23 times with a hammer.

Winchell’s offense? She had dated Ortega’s male lover and had told her friends he was gay.

In 1983, Ortega was sentenced to life without parole; Morales received the death penalty. It may finally be carried out in March, 2006. (“Murderer of Lodi Girl Could Face March Execution,” Layla Bohm, Lodi News-Sentinel, October 13, 2005)

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