Hispanic Electoral Tidal Wave Postponed Once Again Due to Lack of Interest
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From the New York Post:

Two transgender candidates win in Democratic primaries

By David K. Li June 29, 2016 | 1:52pm

Two transgender women — both named Misty — won Democratic nominations for Congress on Tuesday, becoming the first transgender politicians to ever win major-party nominations.

Utah grocery store cashier Misty Snow will take on incumbent Sen. Mike Lee in November, while IT consultant Misty Plowright is set to challenge US Rep. Doug Lamborn in Colorado’s 5th Congressional District. …

Plowright beat single dad and Iraq vet Donald Martinez for her shot at Lamborn. Plowright is an Army vet with a wife, Lisa, and a third domestic partner named Sebastian, according to the candidate’s campaign website.

Commenter Ghost of Bull Moose adds:
A third domestic partner named Sebastian. I picture a small lesbian with slicked back hair and a pencil moustache drawn with an actual pencil.
We’ve been hearing for decades about how, real soon now, Latinos are going to be the political wave of the future, but this poor bastard Martinez can’t even beat a guy named Misty. The Hispanics are now being pushed aside in the Democratic Party by all these New Improved Minorities.


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