Hispanic Democrat Cisneros Has Advice For GOP—(So Have We—Don't Listen To Cisneros!)
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Henry Cisneros, who was Secretary of HUD under President Clinton, (and was pardoned by him)thinks the GOP should be "careful."

Cisneros: GOP stand on immigration risky Democrats could benefit from Hispanic voters' anger, he says Dallas Morning News

November 13, 2007


AUSTIN — While many GOP presidential hopefuls are quick to deplore illegal immigration, they should be careful, former U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Henry Cisneros warned Monday.

They risk driving Hispanic voters into Democrats' arms for years to come, he said.

Mr. Cisneros, in an interview before he spoke to the Hispanic Scholarship Consortium in Austin, said that though the Republicans use immigration to fire up their base, they may wind up deeply angering Hispanics.

"Those who have simply focused on security at the border and not on the other humane aspects" of the immigration issue offend Hispanics, he said.

Of course, Hispanic voters generally vote Democrat already, and it's hard to imagine that his "advice" is sincerely meant. If it were, it was given in the wrong place, I don't imagine he'll find too many Young Republicans among the Hispanic Scholars.

The Royce Carlton speakers bureau calls Cisneros "A living testament to American diversity and leadership, " but Allan Wall called him part of the American Treason Lobby. Allan Wall wrote on VDARE.com this description of a "Binacional" meeting that took place in Mexico City in 2004:

[T]he podium was turned over to American Citizen Henry Cisneros, 4-time mayor of San Antonio, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary, and former president of Univision, U.S.

Cisneros is also an unabashed booster of what he has called "the Hispanization of America–It's already happening and it is inescapable."

Cisneros' discourse was entitled "El Futuro de las Relaciones entre M?©xico y la Comunidad Mexicano-Americana" [The Future of Relations Between Mexico and The Mexican-American Community].

Cisneros spoke of the 25 million people in the U.S. "with Mexican blood", and he attacked "laws that separate and destroy families" by which he means U.S. immigration law.

Cisneros says new laws are needed to protect Mexicans.

Once again, we have a U.S. citizen in Mexico, speaking as a de facto agent of the Mexican government.

If Cisneros were a citizen of a nation whose leaders valued its sovereignty, he might be in real trouble.

Cisneros boasted: "Somos la realidad de un nuevo mestizaje en Estados Unidos; donde somos el grupo minoritario m??s grande y el que crece m??s r??pido..." [We are the reality of a new mestizaje in the United States, where we are the largest minority group and the fastest-growing one].

He went on to gloat over the Hispanic birth rate being higher than that of whites, blacks or Asians.

And, of course, he bragged to the assembled about the "hispanizaci??n de Estados Unidos."

[Dificil llegar a un acuerdo migratorio Mexico-EU : Henry Cisneros April 28th, 2004]

That may be George Bush's idea of a Republican Strategist, but it isn't mine.

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