Hispanic Delegate at Democratic Convention Goes on Rant, Says She'd Like to Kill Romney
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Check Out The Hat!


A reporter from The Blaze was at the Democratic National Convention, where she interviewed Julia Rodriguez, a Puerto Rican-born delegate from New York.

Brandishing a Puerto Rican flag throughout the interview, the delegate goes on a rant about Romney destroying the country, and says if he were present she'd like to kill him. See Death Threat From DNC Delegate: ‘Mitt Romney… I Would Like To Kill Him!’ Benny Johnson, The Blaze, Sept. 5th, 2012

This lady has resided in the U.S. (in the Bronx) forty years, and apparently she misunderstood the question "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?". She responds "I believe that forty years ago, yes." Huh?

Nor does she make it completely clear what office Mitt Romney is running for. She says "And if I tell you Romney will destroy this country if he can make governor - president of the United States..."

She really gets going on the rant, about Romney destroying the country. She finally declares in a fit of range that "If I see him [Romney], I would like to-to-to-to kill him."

However, I'm not completely sure she said "would", it's possible she said "If I see him, I will like to-to-to-to kill him." At any rate, it's the thought that counts, her sentiments aren't in doubt.

Hmm, what would happen if a Republican convention delegate expressed similar sentiments about Romney's Democratic opponent?

To get the full effect, you can watch the video here.

Oh, by the way, this delegate has a hat on promoting Puerto Rico as the 51st state.

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