His Name Is Scott Jackson: White Grandfather, Beaten To Death By Naked Black Man With Firewood He Was Trying Deliver
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It’s the issue we all know has defined American life for more than a century: using the law to keep black individuals from collectively overwhelming your neighborhood, community, city, state, etc. It’s why the American Colonization Society was started by some of the most venerated white Americans who ever lived.

Black man named Chrisantus Omondi brutally murders loving white grandfather; officials won’t disclose immigration status…, Revolver.news, January 19, 2024

This horrific story will likely not make the rounds in the mainstream media, and there are a couple of reasons why. Firstly, it challenges the regime and media’s favorite narrative that white people are the evil oppressors and black people are the real victims. This narrative has been a “go-to” in media and political circles for eons now. Secondly, this crime we’re about to share with you raises questions about immigration, particularly because of the dire situation in Texas, a state currently overwhelmed by a surge of illegal border rushers. In this disturbing case, a black man named Chrisantus Omondi is accused of the brutal murder of Scotty Jackson, a 51-year-old white man (and grandfather) who was just delivering firewood. Omondi, who was naked at the scene, beat Jackson to death with a piece of wood. We don’t know much about the violent alleged killer, but we do know he was renting a room nearby. Interestingly, his immigration status remains undisclosed.


Fort Worth police say a 27-year-old man killed a delivery driver by beating him with firewood, according to an arrest warrant obtained by WFAA.

Authorities charged Chrisantus Omondi with murder, aggravated assault of a security officer, and obstruction or retaliation, jail records show. Omondi remains jailed Wednesday at the Tarrant County Corrections Center on a $300,000 bond.

The medical examiner identified the victim as 51-year-old Scott Jackson, a doting grandfather remembered by family for his generosity.

“If it was his last dollar, he’d give it to you,” Kasey De Leon, Jackson’s daughter, told WFAA Wednesday.

“He’d always do something funny,” she continued. “He would just randomly start dancing or make a joke. I’d be like, ‘Dad, you’re so embarrassing.’ I wish I could just tell him so bad. Embarrass me one more time, annoy me one more time. Just bug me.”

Jackson’s family set up a GoFundMe page to help with funeral expenses.

De Leon and her father operated a firewood delivery business, using rental trucks to tote chopped wood to customers around Tarrant County. Jackson was delivering wood to a repeat customer on Wendover Drive in Fort Worth on Saturday, ahead of an arctic blast’s arrival.

The homeowner who was receiving the firewood recalled exactly what happened when this madman began his murderous attack. The WFAA piece goes on:

The customer, who was injured in the fracas, interviewed with WFAA on condition of anonymity. For clarity, this article will refer to the surviving victim as John Doe.

“As we’re loading up the wheelbarrow, this random guy shows up and gets directly in my face and accuses me of being on his property and being in his house,” Doe said. “He was extremely naked.”

Doe said he and Jackson asked the naked man to leave. Instead, he picked up a piece of firewood and struck Jackson in the head, Doe says.

“It happened so fast,” Doe told WFAA. “So, so fast.”

An autopsy report attributes Jackson’s death to blunt force injuries to the head and neck.

The naked man also struck Doe with firewood and chased him into his backyard, he said. Doe says he escaped into the house, where his family was waiting, and called 911.

”When he was pursuing me and attacking me, I was looking death in the face,” Doe added.

Understandably, the family of the loving, innocent victim wants to see the bad guy get the death penalty. The WFAA piece concludes:

Another tenant renting a different room told police Omondi “came running into the house, yelling at her,” the warrant reads. Omondi threatened the woman and tried to force his way into her room, she told authorities.

The woman said she believed the man was high and that she feared for her life, records show.

Police arrived and stunned the man after he did not comply with their instructions, the warrant indicates.

The situation—a black man named Chrisantus Omondi, who is renting a room in Texas, a state currently grappling with overwhelming illegal immigration—raises questions.

And it’s no wonder people are questioning this; after all, illegals are causing crime to soar in American cities and towns.

Hypothetically: Were America devoid of a black population what would our murder rate or non-fatal shooting rate be without the population who brought us George Floyd?

Serious question.

His name is Scott Jackson, a white grandfather, who was trying to deliver wood when a naked black man beat him to death with the firewood he was trying to deliver.

White privilege at its finest.

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