His Name Is Gary Rasor: 83-Year-Old White Employee Of Home Depot Murdered By Black "Menace To Society" Shoplifter Who Tried To Steal Three Power Washers
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Simple question: Is there one example of a white shoplifter murdering a black employee of a store who dared try and stop them from robbing their place of employment?

Asking for a friend…

Home Depot worker, 83, dies after being tossed aside by shoplifter, by Lee Brown, New York Post, December 6, 2022

An 83-year-old North Carolina Home Depot worker has died — weeks after he was tossed to the ground trying to stop a “menace to society” shoplifter still on the loose.

Gary Rasor is seen on surveillance footage stepping up to confront a man wheeling three Ryobi power washers out of the Hillsborough store Oct. 18 — only to be shoved to the ground by the crook who then casually strolls away.

Rasor was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he celebrated his 83rd birthday and made hopeful plans to see his new grandchild for the first time, his wife told WNCN.

He died Thursday “due to complications from the injuries received,” Hillsborough cops announced the next day.

The North Carolina medical examiner has ruled the death a homicide, police said, adding the hunt continues for a suspect they previously branded a “menace to society.”

“It’s just beyond our comprehension that someone would do this for a couple of power washers,” Rasor’s son Jeff Rasor told WNCN.

“That is just mind-boggling,” he said.

Rasor’s widow, Yovone, told the outlet her husband initially remained “upbeat” in the hospital — until he saw footage of the attack.

“He lost it … he just lost it,” she recalled.

“It’s just hard, and I know it sounds silly, but I’m still waiting for him to come back home,” she said through tears Saturday. “I can’t get him back … that’s it.”

His Name is Gary Rasor, a man who lived eight decades on this earth, only to see it all end trying to stop a black male who felt entitled to steal three power washers from a Home Depot. Perhaps the latter was doing this in the memory of George Floyd?

Unfortunately, had Rasor been successful in stopping the black male trying to steal three power washers from Home Depot, he’d have been dubbed a “racist,” which in some circles is a far worse crime than his murder by a black criminal.

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