His Name Is Dylan McGinnis: White Man Murdered By Indianapolis Black Career Criminal Set Free By Bail Project
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Those who fight racial and economic disparities unleash upon the law-abiding horrors beyond comprehension.

They battle nature, because they wish to nurture away the reality of life.

His name is Dylan McGinnis, a white man murdered by a black career criminal set free by the Bail Project.


Mom wants The Bail Project reined in after her son was gunned down in Indianapolis, WRTV.com, January 12, 2022

Dylan McGinnis was gunned down on the east side of Indianapolis in October.

The man accused of killing him was free on bail, records say, thanks to help he received from The Bail Project, a nonprofit that helps poor people get out of jail.

Now, McGinnis’ mother is angry and she wants groups like The Bail Project to be more accountable and better regulated.

“Once the offender gets bailed out of jail, there’s no accountability to The Bail Project on behalf of that offender,” Nikki Sterling said. “This organization is bailing out violent offenders. These are not your misdemeanor charges. We are putting violent criminals back out on the street.”

The Bail Project is a national nonprofit that pays bail for criminal defendants too poor to pay for it themselves. The group operates a revolving bail fund that, according to its website, it uses to “prevent incarceration and combat racial and economic disparities in the bail system.”

But the group has drawn controversy in recent months as the homicides in Indianapolis have reached a new record high. Critics blame the county’s “revolving door” justice system that allows violent criminals back on the streets not long after police arrest them.

The Marion County Superior Courts criminal judges on Monday voted to suspend their support for The Bail Project, citing the group’s failure to provide detailed information and data. The judges want to know more about who the group helps and what charges they face. The judges invited The Bail Project representatives to bring additional data to a closed-door meeting next month.

The Bail Project pushes for criminal justice reforms and works to bring equity to a system that many critics say penalizes people just for being poor.

“The amount of money in someone’s wallet should not determine whether they’re incarcerated pretrial,” The Bail Project says on its website.

In Indianapolis, The Bail Project posted bail for 941 defendants since it launched operations here in November 2018. The average bail amount was $2,130 and clients make 95% of the court hearings, according to the group’s most recent report.

David Gaspar, the group’s national director of operations, said it should make no difference who pays the bail.

“Judges set cash bail and once they do, it should not matter who posts the bail, whether it is a family member, a bail bonds company, or a charity like ours,” Gaspar said in a statement emailed to WRTV. “The fact that our not-for-profit is being singled out for requirements is concerning.”

When asked about the group’s criteria for deciding who to help, a spokesman for The Bail Project said they assist low-income defendants who can’t afford bail on their own.

“Once we receive a referral from a family member or the public defender’s office, we interview the individual to learn more about their situation and assess their needs,” the spokesman said in an email to WRTV. “We ask questions about housing stability, transportation and, if appropriate, whether the person is interested in substance use treatment or mental health resources.”

The Bail Project also considers whether an individual has a family to support or if their health may be at risk in jail because they won’t have access to medication or treatment.

Sterling agrees that some people don’t belong in jail. The problem, Sterling said, is The Bail Project is bailing out people accused of more than just misdemeanors and nonviolent crimes.

Travis Lang, the man charged with killing Sterling’s son, was in jail in January on a cocaine-possession charge when The Bail Project said it paid a portion of his bail, with family covering the rest. At the time, Lang faced other pending cases for burglary, residential entry, and resisting law enforcement.

The pendulum is about to swing back towards law and order. The question is if it is ever allowed to swing back toward a world where The Bail Project is allowed to exist. Every donor to this fund and employee of The Bail Project should be arrested as an accessory to murder.

The time for being timid is over in the face of Bolshevik terror in America.

Dylan’s murderer should have been in jail. He wasn’t because of The Bail Fund. Every individual who donated to this fund, to the fourth generation, should be punished for Dylan’s murder at their hands.

It’s time to play for keeps. Civilization requires such moves.

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