Hillary Won DC By A Million Votes—So OF COURSE DC Residents Didn't Show Up For The Inaugural
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A friend who works on contract to a federal agency emailed in with this.
I am a YUUUGE(!) fan of our new president, but his habit of engaging in petty arguments baffles me … such things as how many folks attended his Inauguration.

I assume that for some reason he thinks these tiffs benefit him, but in this case, of COURSE his crowd was smaller! How could it not be? Here are the election results for the municipalities in and around Washington DC:

Clinton won by WELL OVER a million votes! And I'm sure Obama won by even more!

And NOT ONLY are these the folks with the shortest distance to travel, they make up the bulk of the federal employees in the city, i.e., THE ONES FOR WHOM INAUGURATION DAY IS A HOLIDAY!!!!! And some, though not all, local governments and school districts are closed as well.

(The 81.7% is a truly astonishing number, even taking demographics, etc., into account … Adding in the counties a little farther out — also with many federal employees, contractors, etc. — would lower the percentage, but raise the total vote difference …)

It is jarring to me, though given the numbers above perhaps it shouldn't be, how freely federal employees and contractors denigrated President Trump throughout the campaign.

I'm heading to a large meeting this afternoon, and I have little doubt that there will be not a shortage of such remarks at it. Never by name, but lots of "you know who" and "you know what" and lots of knowing looks and laughter …

In Obama's autobiography he described himself as "behind enemy lines" when he was a copy editor for a business newsletter in NYC. Perhaps. But I am DEFINITELY behind enemy lines every day — at my own office as well as when I gather with fellow contractors and federal employees.

I have reproduced the email with the writer's permission, but he requested anonymity.  It's not hard to understand why.

Thanks, pal.

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