Hillary Wins 3 Of 4
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Hillary wins crucial Ohio easily and Texas narrowly, but Obama still has the lead in delegates, and now there's not much on the schedule all the way until Pennsylvania on April 22. Obama supporters are mad that Hillary isn't dropping out, but if their candidate is so strong, why won't seven more weeks of free publicity and massive fundraising make him stronger in November? Or do they fear what might emerge from more scrutiny?

It will be interesting to see if blacks are sore about Hispanics in Texas voting heavily against Obama.

By the way, the Democrats have a mess involving the DNC's decision in 2007 to punish Florida and Michigan, out of all the states that moved up their primaries, by not seating their delegations (where Hillary ended up doing well in both primaries, but they weren't really contested). These are two big purple states, much like Ohio, so the Democrats should want to know who would win them in a fair fight. It would make sense to reschedule their primaries for May.
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