Hillary Tops with Sanctuary City Traitors
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Hillary Clinton got another Sanctuary City endorsement this week when Oakland's Mayor Ron Dellums announced that he supports her Presidential bid. (Sanctuary City San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is already in her camp.) Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who as Mayor of San Francisco in the 1980s decreed it to be the nation's first ever Sanctuary City even as she burned through the City's budget surplus with trips to China and Russia, smiled for the cameras as Dellums swore his loyalty to Hillary before a group of Clintonistas. (Feinstein is now actively championing AgJobs, to amnesty millions of self-professed farmworkers.) Will Hillary be the top choice of Sanctuary City supporters with clout, and if so, what does that mean to the many voting Democrats who oppose rewarding illegal aliens with Citizenship, and $5,000 per anchor baby (and in the meantime, costly public benefits to which illegals, under current law, are not entitled)?
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