Hillary Speaks Out Against Walls AROUND America, Demands More Surveillance IN America
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From the NYT:

Hillary Clinton Calls for ‘Intelligence Surge’ to Fight ISIS

By Amy Chozick, 3/23/16

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Hillary Clinton on Wednesday called for an “intelligence surge” to defeat the Islamic State and, in sometimes mocking tones, offered a sharp rebuke to her Republican presidential rivals who she said would endanger Americans and alienate allies.

Speaking to an audience at Stanford University that included Steve Jobs’s widow, Laurene Powell, and his son, Reed, Mrs. Clinton called on technology companies to work with the federal government to fight the Islamic State, which took credit for the terrorist attacks that killed dozens in Brussels on Tuesday.

… “That does mean working with the brightest minds here in Silicon Valley,” she said, “to more effectively track and analyze ISIS’s social media posts and map jihadist networks online.”

Never let a crisis goes to waste.
“When other candidates talk about building walls around America, I want to ask them how high does the wall have to be to keep the Internet out?” Mrs. Clinton said, referring to the proposal by Donald J. Trump, the leading Republican candidate, to erect a wall on the Mexican border. …

But Mrs. Clinton also reiterated her support for the thousands of Syrian refugees who have flooded into Europe fleeing violence. “This is a heartbreaking crisis,” Mrs. Clinton said, reiterating her call for a ceasefire in Syria and the creation of save havens. “It would be doubly cruel if ISIS can force people from their homes but also prevent them from ever finding new ones.”…

“One thing we know that does not work is offensive inflammatory rhetoric that demonizes all Muslims,” she said. “Demonizing Muslims also alienates partners and undermines moderates we need around the world in the fight against ISIS.”

“Having actually done this, I can tell you insulting allies and partners is not a good way to start,” Mrs. Clinton said.

A commenter suggests that Hillary’s grand strategies / knee jerk reactions comprise: Invade the world, invite the world, investigate the citizenry.

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