Hillary's Master Plan to Lose the Election: Campaign for Gun Control as Anti-white
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From the NYT:

Citing Family, Hillary Clinton Affirms Gun-Control Stance


Hillary Clinton invoked her roles as mother and grandmother on Saturday to deliver an impassioned rebuttal to Donald J. Trump’s contention that her push for stricter gun control would make families less safe, saying the presumptive Republican nominee would put more children “at risk of violence and bigotry.”

“Violence and bigotry?” Has Hillary hired Genius T. Coates as her speechwriter? If she starts talking about “violence against black bodies by NRA members who believe they are white” we’ll know for sure.
The day after Mr. Trump received the endorsement of the National Rifle Association, Mrs. Clinton assailed her probable general election rival as pandering to the group.

“I believe it’s the most powerful lobby in Washington,” Mrs. Clinton said of the N.R.A. at an event in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to benefit the Trayvon Martin Foundation’s Circle of Mothers. ….

On Saturday, Mrs. Clinton reaffirmed her commitment to both gun control and the overhaul of the criminal justice system, two issues that formed the pillars of her primary campaign and have helped her win broad support among African-Americans.

Mrs. Clinton vowed to end the “schools to prison pipeline” that affects black men. “Something is wrong when so many Americans have reason to believe that our country doesn’t consider their children as precious and worthy of protection as other children because of the color of their skins,” she said.

Mrs. Clinton also restated her promise to “end the era of mass incarceration” and to “rebuild the bonds of trust between law enforcement and communities” — issues that could resonate with voters in Los Angeles, Oakland and other California cities ahead of that state’s June 7 primary.

As I’ve been pointing out forever, the Democrats’ problem with gun control is that they just can’t stop themselves from portraying the gun problem as evil white men shooting innocent black baby bodies.

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