Hillary Clinton Sent "Mothers of the Movement" to Campaign Against Police in Charlotte Hours Before Riots Broke Out
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From the North Carolina Democratic Party Facebook page:

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Keith Lamont Scott was shot at 3:54 pm that day. Rioting in Charlotte broke out by 8pm.

From the Winston-Salem Chronicle:

Mothers of the Movement urge blacks to vote

Mothers of the Movement urge blacks to vote September 22

by Cash Michaels


They are members of a dreaded club they say no one wants to join. Their black children were all killed, either by a law enforcement officer, or someone with a gun. In each case, their child was an innocent victim, not only of the deed, but of the lack of justice that followed.

They are known as “The Mothers of the Movement,” and they captivated the nation last July when they walked out on stage during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Three of them – Gwen Carr, mother of Eric Garner; Maria Hamilton, mother of Dontre Hamilton; and Geneva Reed-Veal, mother of Sandra Bland – spent Monday and Tuesday of this week speaking at events in the African-American communities of Greensboro at N.C. A & T University, Durham, Charlotte and Fayetteville, sharing their pain, and urging their audiences to vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton in the November presidential election.

The Clinton campaign sponsored the mothers’ tour.

During their hour-long session at North Carolina Central University’s School of Law Monday in Durham, the mothers talked to students there about how their children were killed, how the black community must mobilize to stem the escalating tide of police killings and why they individually believed Hillary Clinton when she met with them, and promised, if elected president, that she would work to reform the criminal justice system so that police officers are held to greater accountability in incidents involving the killing of innocent citizens.

Shortly after their campaign stop in Charlotte on Tuesday at 2 pm, anti-police rioting broke out in that unfortunate city.

My column this week in Taki’s Magazine, “Hillary Held Hostage,” discusses how Mrs. Clinton has left herself a hostage to events such as BLM riots and Muslim immigrant terrorism. But her own role in egging on these disasters should not be ignored either.


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