Hillary Clinton destroys American Competiveness
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Rachel Konrad writes at Associated Press:
The New York senator and Democratic presidential hopeful said she's trying to increase the number of so-called H1B visas aimed at highly educated workers. Silicon Valley companies use H1Bs to sponsor thousands of software engineers from Russia, India, China and other countries

I'll have more faith in Mainstream Media, when they can at least spell H-1b correctly. What it sounds like is that Hillary is seeking to maintain her lead in the Democratic money primary.

Hillary is touting a plan to encourage interest in Science Technology Engineering and Math(STEM). The fundamental problem is that what she's doing is going to seem like a joke if US wages in those occupations are falling more rapidly than other occupations.

She urged executives to "please think about some series that would give real sex appeal to stem" — "and let's get it done.''

I would suggest that cash would help here. Frankly, it is real hard for kids to find inspiration in a career path that was taken by elders who are now scrambling to make ends meet.

The first priority has to be to make sure all American citizens that have the capability to work in those fields-or get an education in those fields can do so-on terms that are reasonable from their perspective. If you want to ramp up those fields faster and use immigrant labor, you must make sure that whatever grants of immigration rights you make are counterbalenced by equivalent grants to Americans working in those fields-or expect Americans to leave those fields.

Clinton's plan has no such safeguards. The policies she is advocating have in fact been accompanied by Americans leaving those fields. Thus, there is every reason to expect that if Clinton is elected and doesn't have a serious change of heart, American technological capabilities will be further degraded.

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