Hillary And Obama Can Agree On One Thing—Hispandering!
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February 22, 2008, 01:28 AM
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The two of them haven`t got along, but they agree, in the presence of all those Texas Hispanic Democrats, that they`re both much nicer than the Republicans:
That opening exchange set the tone for a debate marked much more by agreement than disagreement, more by camaraderie than combat. On immigration and on economic policies, the two candidates were completely in sync. With Texas` Hispanic vote in mind, they both advocated a comprehensive approach to overhauling immigration laws, with an emphasis on cracking down on employers, not illegal immigrants. Clinton even appeared to back away from her Senate vote to establish a vast border fence with Mexico, saying the Bush administration was moving toward a fence that would divide communities.Politeness Rules in Austin — at First | The Trail |
"Moving toward a fence that would divide communities" is good—if they`re on opposite sides of the border, they`re supposed to be divided.