Hillary And Obama Can Agree On One Thing—Hispandering!
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The two of them haven't got along, but they agree, in the presence of all those Texas Hispanic Democrats, that they're both much nicer than the Republicans:
That opening exchange set the tone for a debate marked much more by agreement than disagreement, more by camaraderie than combat. On immigration and on economic policies, the two candidates were completely in sync. With Texas' Hispanic vote in mind, they both advocated a comprehensive approach to overhauling immigration laws, with an emphasis on cracking down on employers, not illegal immigrants. Clinton even appeared to back away from her Senate vote to establish a vast border fence with Mexico, saying the Bush administration was moving toward a fence that would divide communities.Politeness Rules in Austin — at First | The Trail | washingtonpost.com
"Moving toward a fence that would divide communities" is good—if they're on opposite sides of the border, they're supposed to be divided.
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