Hijabs in Chicago: Immigration or de-Assimilation?
August 15, 2016, 09:35 AM
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When I lived in Chicago from 1982-2000, there weren’t many women dressed in Muslim hijabs or burqas. Now I live in my native Los Angeles, which, for better or worse, doesn’t attract many women who want to cover up their entire bodies. But I was talking to somebody just back from Chicago who said the number of hijabs in Chicago is unbelievable these days: “Hindu ladies on the street in Chicago in saris are exotic, colorful, and diverse. But Muslim women in hijabs just look alien and hostile, like they are claiming turf.”

Here’s a question that’s relevant to the Trump Phenomenon: Is the increase in hijabs in Chicago during the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama more due to immigration or due to Muslims already here de-assimilating into Mecca-style apparel?

And which is less worse?

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