Heroic Mexican Immigrant Stops Crazed White Serial Killer By Running Him Over With A Pickup
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Brendan Liam O'Rourke

Considering how many times I have to point out that the killer is an immigrant, or that the MSM says the victim is an immigrant, and neglects to say that the victimizer is, too, I feel obligated to note this case, tweeted by Ambassador Sarukhan,

Brendan O'Rourke, a white American lunatic who had been causing trouble for years, apparently burst into a schoolyard dressed in black, and started shooting at six and seven year old children with a .357 magnum. Carlos Partida, a bricklayer from Tijuana, companero Mario Contreras, and Steven Kane, (a regular American) managed to get a truck started while he was reloading and knock him down. Well done!

I am in favor of fighting back against this kind of attack, rather than finding something to hide behind while the shooter kills elderly professors, women, and in this case, children, and the construction workers of the world feel the same way: Construction workers felt they ”had to do something’|Three men who stopped school shooter say they were compelled to help the students in peril, By John Wilkens, Monday, October 11, 2010.
John Podhoretz is against it, though, and he's normally more influential than I am: JPod Weighs In On The Question Of Fighting Back…

Perhaps he's not that influential   with the Construction Worker demographic, somehow.

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