Herman Cain in Favor of Voter ID
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Who will the GOP choose as its candidate for the 2012 election?

Will the Republicans select a candidate who will (unlike McCain in 2008) really fight to win?

Well, at least Herman Cain, a candidate for the GOP nomination, has come out in favor of Voter ID laws. That's good. Juana Summers of Politico.com reports that

Civil rights groups encourage voter fraud by opposing voter identification bills, Herman Cain said Wednesday. ”The people who fight against having some type of statewide voter ID with the picture are the very ones who know that all of the fraud is going on,” Cain said of the politically charged issue.
”When you have civil rights organizations who want to jump up and start talking about how it’s in violation of civil rights, that is absolutely not the case. All they’re trying to do is protect the voter fraud that they know is going on," he said during a conference call with tea party activists, following a speech in Aiken, S.C.

Here he has a good analogy:

”We can’t get on an airplane without showing the proper ID,” Cain said. ”Why in the world shouldn’t we be able to show the proper ID in order to vote for somebody who is going to make laws that are gonna impact the people? It doesn’t make good common sense.”

Herman Cain Says Voter ID Laws Not Discriminatory Juana Summers, Politico, May 18th, 2011

The truth is, most U.S. states have rather slipshod voter registration laws. See my article Why Is Mexico's Voter Registration System Better Than Ours?

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