Here's Why We Have 11 Million Illegal Aliens
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We are wasting $2.3 billion in Homeland Security grants to the States.  Tennessee got $192 and they bought toys for the local police, most used in non-terrorism cases as there were no cases of terrorism in Tennessee last year.
Homeland Security News Wire  April 11, 2012
DHS Cuts Grants To States, Emphasizes Maintenance
Over the past few years, DHS has been cutting funding for grants to state and emergency response agencies; the billions of dollars given to states after 2011 have been used to buy many pieces of first-response and law-enforcement equipment, and DHS now emphasizes the maintenance of that equipment.
Over the past few years, DHS has been cutting funding for grants to state and emergency response agencies. The budget for fiscal year 2012 intended for state and local grants has been reduced to $2,374,681,000. This is a cut of $846,177,830 from the FY 2011 budget of $3,220,858,830. Similar levels of reductions have been imposed by state governments.
These cuts impose difficulties for states and municipalities that have come to rely on these grants for equipment acquisition, upgrade, and maintenance.
The Tennesseean reports on the impact in one such state, Tennessee.
DHS had granted $192 million to Tennessee for fighting terrorism, and the money was used for the acquisition of r remote-controlled bomb-handling robots; special equipment for collapsed building rescues; high-tech surveillance cameras; all sorts of boots, masks, and body armor; and food for police dogs. There was even a training seminar about how to apply for more money.


ICE claims it has the money for only 400,000 deportations a year, a target it never meets.  But what if ICE had $192 million more, much less $2.3 billion more?  How many illegal aliens could it deport?  How many terrorists could it deport?  Why, all of them.  That would pay for a lot of agents and officers.  And in one or two years all the illegal aliens would be gone.  Think of that, in two years the immigration problem solved, all instead of Bearcats, boots, masks, and dog food.  Items that are not protecting the homeland, but at most used in routine police duties.  Sounds like a bargain.
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