Here’s Why We Can’t Have Rational Debate About Guns — The Leftist Media Know Nothing About Them
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The Federalist’s Sean Davis, who has penned an important piece explaining what, exactly, the federal law is regarding “machine guns,” picked up a stupid tweet from CBS News, the same network that had to fire the leftist executive who was glad about the Las Vegas massacre because mostly Republicans (and likely, Christians) were killed:

Davis’ rejoinder? “Automatic rounds.”

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Debating liberals about guns is pointless. Generally, they know nothing about them, because most liberals won’t have anything to do with them. Being urbanite leftists whose weapon against the modern world is therapy, they are terrified of them.

“It felt to me like a bazooka — and sounded like a cannon,” wrote New York Daily News scribe Gersh Kuntzman of firing an AR15. How would Gersh have known, given that he’s never fired a bazooka, and likely, heard a cannon up close, at least as far as we can tell from his story?

We may assume that “men” such as Gersh Kuntzman are really terrified of “automatic rounds.”

A follow-up column by Kuntzman: Why do gun lovers delight in seeing a 7-year-old firing an AR-15 rifle like the Sig Sauer used in Orlando?

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