Her Name Is Maria Barlow: White Three-Year-Old Beaten To Death By Black Male Who Tries To Blame It On Her Nine-Year-Old Brother
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Her story must be told.

Her name must be known.

A black man murdered a white three-year-old girl, Maria Barlow, and tried to blame it on her nine-year-old brother. It appears the black man was dating the white aunt of Barlow and her brother.

While the nation rages on about abortion, an abomination just happened in Maryland.

A black man murdered a three-year-old white girl and tried to blame it on her brother.

‘To me that is so inhumane’: Suspect in 3-year-old’s death blamed her brother: Assault came eight hours before 911 call for help, WMARNews.com, June 7, 2022

By the time medics arrived at the house on Ashmead Square in Belcamp late Friday, it would be too late to save the life of three-year-old Maria Barlow.

“Unfortunately, the young child was pronounced deceased upon arrival at Upper Chesapeake Hospital and through the investigation, there were signs medical staff brought to our attention—signs of abuse were apparent, obvious,” said Harford County Sheriff, Jeffrey Gahler.

Investigators arrested 42-year-old Randolph Mack of Essex who had allegedly taken the young girl into a bathroom to talk to her about wetting her pants when things turned physical.

Court records suggest Barlow had suffered damage to internal organs, a fractured rib and possible strangulation.

Nearly eight hours after the assault of the three-year-old, Barlow’s aunt called 911 to report that she was in cardiac arrest and she suggested her injuries may have come from an attack by her nine-year-old brother.

She later confessed that Mack asked her to shift the blame to Barlow’s sibling, and she only called 911 after he had left the house.

“To know an adult… again, you can’t use a word other than a ‘monster,’ who would inflict such damage on a child and then let that child sit there unattended for a period of time before summoning medical help. And then make up a story and try to put the blame elsewhere—that is not a human,” said Gahler. “To me that is so inhumane, I call it a ‘monster’.”

Since the young girl’s death, police have received an additional report of abuse involving another alleged victim, and they fear others may be out there that they’re encouraging to step forward.

Barlow’s death came less than a week before she would have celebrated her fourth birthday.

The white aunt of Barlow was an accomplice in this black-on-white murder, but that doesn’t discount the fact a black male murdered a three-year-old white girl and tried to blame it on her brother.

Were white privilege real, we’d all know the name of Maria Barlow. Outside of the state of Maryland, few know her name.

Rest in peace, Maria.

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