Her Name is Dorothy Dow: White Great-Grandmother Set on Fire by Five Blacks in Violent Georgia Home Invasion Passes Away
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"I'm sorry this happened to you."

- Rick Grimes to zombified Hannah in the pilot episode of The Walking Dead

It happened not far from where the fictional events of the early seasons of AMC's The Walking Dead are set: a post-apocalyptic zombie nightmarish landscape is merely fiction, but what happened in Grantville (roughly 38 miles from Atlanta city limits) in early August 2016 represents a scenario the heroes of our race knew was the real horror story.



The five black participants in the murder (lynching?) of 83 year-old white great grandmother Dorothy Dow: Individuals more fearsome than the zombies in The Walking Dead

The type of horror John Brown, Nat Turner, and the participants in the Revolution of San Domingo brought to western civilization.

Dorothy Dow was a white great-grandmother who lived a full life in a small southern town in what is soon-to-be classified as suburban Atlanta (because white people continue abandoning cities close to Atlanta with the advancement of the black undertow).

On August 2, 2016, five black people (three black males and two black females) broke into her home in Granville, assaulted her, and set her on fire. Since the news of this story broke, I've checked the local papers/affiliates in Atlanta knowing—inevitably—Dorothy Dow's health would eventually fail her.

Today, Dorothy Dow died from the horrific assault she dared survive and heroically strugglde to live from for almost an entire month. [Great-grandmother beaten, burned in her home dies weeks after attack, WSB-TV, August 29, 2016]:

An elderly woman who was beaten and burned inside her Meriwether County home has died weeks after the attack, the county's coroner confirmed to Channel 2 Action News.
Dorothy Dow, 83, was lying in her bed when three men and a woman kicked in her back door and attacked her in early August, according to police.

Rest in Peace, Dorothy Dow: Because of your tenacity, your desire for life in the face of death, we know your story

"These suspects began to demand money from Miss Dow. She pleaded with them that she didn't have any money. They began to brutally beat her,” Sheriff Chuck Smith said.  The family said Dow’s right and left arms were broken, and she had cuts and bruises all over her face.
The sheriff said the robbers then poured a flammable liquid on the victim and lit it. Dow did everything she could to survive and call for help.
"She remembered she had a gallon of water she filled her breathing machine with. With those broken hands, she took that top off the gallon of water and poured it on her head to put out the flames,” said her daughter-in-law, Beth Dow.
Dorothy Dow then managed to crawl to another room to get her cellphone and call 911.
She was in the hospital in critical condition for weeks and died Saturday afternoon. "That part's not real. We still can't put our hands around...that she was murdered," Dow said.
Justin Pierce Grady, 38, Cortavious Deshun Heard, 18, Shanquavious Keontrell Cameron, 17, Mina Christine Ellery, 17, and Angel Latrice Harmon, 17, are all facing multiple charges in connection to the attack.
"I can't imagine being one of their mamas, and know that your child has done this," Dow said.
Police believe the motive was robbery. They say Dorothy Dow owned a blueberry farm and would pay locals cash to pick the berries. Some of the attackers were former employees.
"I would love to talk to them and ask 'Why? Why did you do this?' I do want them to be punished," Dow said.
Dow said police assured the family charges against the suspects will be upgraded if her mother-in-law died.

Dorothy Dow was murdered by five blacks not far from where the fictional events of The Walking Dead occur: in fact, the makeshift city where the evil Governor lords over in Season 3 (real-life, it's downtown Senoia, Georgia) isn't more than 15 miles away.

I've become increasingly convinced the intense anti-white propaganda we are all exposed to on a 24/7/365 basis—from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep—and the aracial programming (meaning white people are not allowed to have racial interests of their own, save self-immolation) forced upon us with increasing intensity will dissipate almost immediately in the near future.

What I'm not sure of is:

  1. What event(s) produces this momentary panacea...
  2. ... If this sudden awakening produces the necessary fortitude to do what is necessary to make this momentary flirtation with racial sanity permanent.

Jim Crow existed for a reason: not out of racial hatred for blacks, but out of necessity to protect white people and the civilization only they could create and which only their posterity could maintain.



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