Henry Kissinger, 100, RIP
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It’s easy to imagine alternative timelines in which the tumult of the 20th century put Henry Kissinger in the leadership of the Soviet Union or Israel. All in all, and there’s a lot of “all” there, I’m glad he wound up on our side and not somebody else’s.

Paul Johnson wrote in Brief Lives:

Henry Kissinger (b. 1923) was a good man to meet at a party or to run into by chance. He always told you something you didn’t know, and which was worth knowing. He held strongly to the view that power in men acted as an aphrodisiac on women. It didn’t matter how ugly you were or how fat you were; if you had enough power the women were yours. Once, at dinner in London, at a time when the notorious Alan Clark diaries were revealing the number of his conquests, and causing scandal, Kissinger asked me: ‘What does this guy Clark have? Sure, he had some kind of job under Thatcher. But he wasn’t even in the Cabinet.’

From Wikipedia, I believe:

Kissinger romanced quite a few well-known ladies before settling down. During his bachelor days, he had been seen with the likes of Candice Bergen, Shirley MacLaine, Jill St. John, Marlo Thomas, Liv Ullman and Samantha Eggar, as well as Diane Sawyer, then a White House staffer, according to Reuters.

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