Heavy Gloating Expected From Pennsylvania ACLU Over Hazleton Decision, With Occasional Showers Of Selfrighteousness
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The ACLUPA's "Andy in Harrisburg" says on their blog that you can expect more posts during the day. He quotes from the decision, [Available online here]. Andy finds this "particularly powerful."

Judge Munley wrote, as part of a 206 page decision:

The genius of our Constitution is that it provides rights even to those who evoke the least sympathy from the general public. In that way, all in this nation can be confident of equal justice under its laws. Hazleton, in its zeal to control the presence of a group deemed undesirable, violated the rights of such people, as well as others within the community. Since the United States Constitution protects even the disfavored, the ordinances cannot be enforced.

While the Constitution protects disfavored Americans, it is also designed to protect the people of the United States from alien invaders. A couple of commenters have already said that, but there's room for more—comment here.



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