Heather Mac Donald's Speech Censored By YouTube In Spite Of Her Careful Non-Race Realism
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Heather Mac Donald's speech The Truth About Crime, Race and Policing in America was initially vanished by YouTube because of "community standards". They actually cut it off as she was speaking live.

It's back (and also on Bitchute, just in case)but restricted to adult viewers.

In the NY Post, she writes

If your 12-year-old son goes on YouTube, he can watch a porn star giving a lap dance to a happily surprised young man. He can see nubile, naked girls spooning with a naked male and frolicking in Las Vegas hotel pools. Your 14-year-old daughter can watch videos on how and why to transition to the male gender.

Both your son and daughter can learn how to become an “antifa warrior.” Under the tutelage of an anarcho-communist YouTube host, they can celebrate the fiery destruction of a Minneapolis police precinct during the recent anti-police rioting in that city, a conflagration the ­anarcho-communist deems the “high point” of the rioting to date. They can get tips on how to suit up for further anti-police action — with helmets, water bottles and, of course, personal protective equipment.

Yet your children can’t watch a livestreamed speech on policing I gave Thursday, arguing that US law enforcement isn’t engaged in systemic violence against blacks. YouTube has deemed the speech inappropriate for children under 18 and blocked access to minors.

I suppose I should be grateful — at least it’s on the Web at all. YouTube had initially wiped the speech off its servers entirely on the ground that it violated the site’s “community guidelines” for keeping YouTube a “safe place.” No further explanation was given.

Here's what you need to know about Heather Mac Donald: not only is she working for entirely respectable institutions—the Manhattan Institute and Minnesota's Center For The American Experiment are part of Conservatism, Inc, in a way we've never been—but she is very much not a race realist. She's a crime realist, but that's not the same thing.

In an item about the Disparate Impact effect of enforcing jaywalking laws in New York, John Derbyshire said that as far as he knew, "Sun People" (non-Asian minorities  always did more crime, including jaywalking, than Ice People (whites and Asians), and went on to say

Speaking as a race realist, I assume that Sun People do misbehave more than Ice People, and that the reasons are ultimately biological. You can disagree with me on that bit about reasons and still be a thought criminal, though. If you think that Sun People truly do misbehave more, but for non-biological reasons, you're still a thought criminal.

Heather Mac Donald, for example, who has written extensively and scathingly about Disparate Impact Theory is not a race realist. She's a race denialist. She puts the high levels of misbehavior among Sun People down to, quote from her, "family dysfunction and lack of socialization." That doesn't get her off the hook. Heather is a thought criminal anyway: ask any Progressive.

Watch it below.

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