Heather Mac Donald on What the Campus Rape Crisis Hysteria Is Really About
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From The Weekly Standard:

Neo-Victorianism on Campus

Is this the end of the collegiate bacchanal?

OCT 20, 2014, VOL. 20, NO. 06 • BY HEATHER MAC DONALD

It is impossible to overstate the growing weirdness of the college sex scene. Campus feminists are reimporting selective portions of a traditional sexual code that they have long scorned, in the name of ending what they preposterously call an epidemic of campus rape. They are once again making males the guardians of female safety and are portraying females as fainting, helpless victims of the untrammeled male libido. They are demanding that college administrators write highly technical rules for sex and aggressively enforce them, 50 years after the proponents of sexual liberation insisted that college adults stop policing student sexual behavior. While the campus feminists are not yet calling for an assistant dean to be present at their drunken couplings, they have created the next best thing: the opportunity to replay every grope and caress before a tribunal of voyeuristic administrators.

The ultimate result of the feminists’ crusade may be the same as if they were explicitly calling for a return to sexual modesty: a sharp decrease in casual, drunken sex. There is no downside to this development.

Well, except for the eggs that get cracked making this particular omelet, but Heather has some excellent points and you should read the whole thing there.


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