Headscarves Are Chains
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Author Mary Grabar was the daughter of traditional Eastern European immigrants who believed in repressing females as a matter of course. But she was able to leave that constraint behind and grow into a free individual because she attended an American school and was exposed to books that respected women and girls. As a result, she is a big supporter of the civic education around US values that schools used to accomplish, back before political correctness was discovered and multiculturalism became the paradigm.

In this piece, she notes with alarm the quiet invasion of misogynous Muslims into her community. She sees a little girl in a burqa, and fears that today's classroom will not provide that child with the liberation that schools of Grabar's time allowed.

One afternoon, deep in the poetic reverie the lake and trees and birds inspire, I came across a sight spooky against this natural sunny backdrop: a woman completely swathed in black with only slits for her eyes. The incongruous sight of women, peering out of slits of cloth, in full Islamic regalia, behind the wheels of minivans or paying for goat meat at the Publix is no longer that unusual in my neighborhood, though it still takes me aback. But here on a sunny afternoon, amidst ducks and geese, and gazebos and picnic tables, came this creature who looked like the Ghost of Christmas Past with two small children: the boy around four years old dressed in typical Western clothing of pants and a shirt. The girl, about age seven, wore the traditional headscarf and long dress. [Little Girls in Headscarves, American Spectator 4/24/07]

Grabar understands that the burqa and similar garments ("a prison of black cloth") are not about "modesty" as Islam falsely claims, but they aim to destroy individuality and inculcate servitude ("But there was the girl, already being trained by the scarf for a reclusive life of subservience").

Below, a scene of burqa-inclusive diversitude
from 2005 on a Glasgow park bench

Meanwhile in Denmark, an immigrant imam has opined against women's freedom: "All Women Should Wear A Veil"

According to Mostafa Chendid of the Danish Islamic Society (Islamisk Trossamfund), not only Muslim women but other women too should wear a veil. Why? Because five up to ten percent of all men cannot control themselves when they see a woman without a veil.

Am I the only woman who thinks that welcoming millions of these seventh-century misogynous cretins via immigration is as dumb as it gets?


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