He Loved The American Dream Enough To Steal It
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This is from Walter Olson at Overlawyered.com:"...a classic American success story"

In Buffalo, a federal judge has sentenced Belarus native Maxim Levin to time served and ordered him to pay $334,000 restitution following a guilty plea over an extensive scheme of staging car crashes and submitting bogus insurance claims. The prosecution resulted in guilty pleas from roughly two dozen defendants, some of whom who were actually in Brooklyn at the time of claimed accidents hundreds of miles away in Buffalo.
(Michael Beebe, "Man gets time served for staging crashes", Jul. 7, and Dan Herbeck, "Ex-clinic head pleads guilty in phony claims from auto insurance", Mar. 5, Buffalo News pay-archive coverage; BH Times, Jul. 8; Buffalo FBI office 2005 and 2007 releases; Johnsville News, Nov. 24, 2004; NY State Insurance Dept., Feb.). Like Greedy Trial Lawyer (Jul. 8), I find the most piquant element of the case to be the character testimonial given by Levin's brother-in-law, trial lawyer Matthew L. Kolken, [email]who wrote to Judge William M. Skretny asking leniency and describing the Levin family as "a classic American success story".

Of course, Walter Olson is more impressed with the fact that before he got arrested, Maxim Levin was a pre-law student, but at VDARE.com we're more interested in the fact that he was a (legal) immigrant. And Matthew L. Kolken is not just a trial lawyer, although that's bad enough, he's an immigration lawyer.

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