HBO: "Atlanta's Missing And Murdered: The Lost Children" Still Trying To Prove That The Killer Was A White Guy
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A reader writes:

Thanks for the piece on Ahmaud Arbery. The mainstream media coverage is Orwellian and maddening. You might be interested in the HBO series “Atlanta,” which is trying to re-litigate the Atlanta child murders and blame it on the KKK. (Obsession with Nazis appears in at least 2 different TV shows.) There is footage showing Atlanta locals being stoked up and commenting that the killer had to be white. The city police department is still spending cash looking for a truly Great White Defendant.

It’s informative to notice what is and isn’t a Conspiracy Theory. That the Atlanta child murders of 1979-1981 were committed by a Lone Wolf is pretty reasonable, but he was a black Lone Wolf. So therefore it’s extremely respectable to attribute the murders to the vast but hidden machinations of the KKK, which as the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is as we all know a sort of Institutional Lone Wolf bravely fighting singlehandedly against Organized Hate, informs us is everywhere.

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