Hazelton Pennsylvania: Doing The Job Congress Won't Do!
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You might recall reading about this little town on VDARE.com a few weeks ago...

The Mayor of Hazelton, PA (population 31,000) decided that illegal immigration was out of control: illegal immigrants were a taxpayer burden, schools were over-crowded and crime rates were soaring. So he proposed a few new laws which if passed:

1. The city would deny licenses to businesses that employ illegal immigrants 2. Impose a $1000 fine on landlords who rent property to illegal immigrants and; 3. All city documents would be in written English...and ONLY English

The full ordinance can be read here (PDF).

The measure needed final approval from the Hazelton City Council and I am happy to inform you that just a few minutes ago—after four hours of debate—the City Council voted in favor of the measure 4-1.

After the meeting, Mayor Lou Barletta [email him] said:

"The illegal citizens, I would recommend they leave."

[Hazleton council passes ordinance against illegal immigrants by Mark Scolforo, Associated Press 7/13/06]

Before I continue let me say this, Lou Barletta now tops my All-Time Favorite Men List.

At the meeting, some idiot named Anna Arias told the Council that if they passed the measure, Hazelton would become "the first Nazi city in the country."

Then again, it wouldn't be a public meeting if the crazy nutbags didn't make an appearance!

Earlier this week, lawyers from the Puerto Rican Legal Defense And Education Fund threatened to sue the City if the measure passed—yeah, these lawyers are from New York...of course. [email them]

Well, it passed, Puerto Rican legal people, and I say bring on your lawsuit...unlike most namby-pamby politicians, Mayor Barletta and the Council are not afraid of you!

Support Hazelton if you can!

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