Hatred and Ignorance at The New York Times Blog
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Apparently The New York Times Editorial Writers' blog The Board functions as a sort of kindergarten. There the infants are allowed to throw tantrums and make elementary journalistic errors.

Thus, The Nativists Are Restless, Continued today does correct the blunder in Sunday's piece in not naming Marcus Epstein's American Cause study (and the breach of blog etiquette in not linking to it). But other than that it is merely a repeated scream of outrage that anyone should think differently than New York Times editorial writers. No effort to assess how, much less why.

No doubt we will be answering this, but I find significant comment #3

The United States of America was the first big country composed of people without any common national heritage. When the Constitution was written the demographics could have resulted in a German speaking country as easily as an English speaking country. From the very start, to form a country, Americans had to accept as fellow citizens people who differed with each other in a lots ways.
This of course is utterly untrue. The American population at the time of the Revolution was overwhelmingly English speaking and Protestant. The Founding Fathers considered themselves to be claiming the Rights of Englishmen.

The Proposition Nation assertion is just a dishonest propaganda ploy.

Anyone under  this illusion cannot assess the risk current immigration poses. America's traditional freedoms have no history of flourishing except where populations drawn from a small area of North West Europe are the norm.

As Peter Brimelow asked in Alien Nation: Why take this risk?

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