Hate Crime Bill: It's the Privilege, Stupid!
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A valuable Vintage 2009 blog, A Race Against Time, is making a specialty of documenting Black crimes against Whites which appear to be hate-motivated. No wonder the other side hates the Internet!

Attorney General Holder: Whites Not Protected by Hate Crime Laws agrees with my assessment yesterday — derived partly from the Rev. Ted Pike’s incisive report - that the objective here is to privilege certain favored groups at the expense, basically, of straight white Christian-heritage Americans.

ARAT adds an example.

On the night of June 1, 2008, a mob of nearly two dozen black teenagers stormed through the streets of Mount Clemens, Michigan, robbing and beating any white person who crossed their path (see article here). …a car driven by Andy Kaufmann, a 29-year-old white father of three, was surrounded and a brick was thrown through the window. Andy was beaten unconscious and left with a fractured skull... The man who threw the brick at Kaufmann's car and instigated the attack, 17-year-old Deonte J. Williams, was sentenced to only 19 months in prison… In a radio interview shortly after the attack, Macomb County Sheriff Mark Hackel was asked why hate crime charges were not sought, which would have resulted in stiffer penalties. Hackel responded that he didn't consider hate crime laws to be applicable since Kaufmann is white, and therefore not a member of a "protected class."

Audio here. Note that Sheriff Hackel expressed no problem with the restriction.

In his answers to Senators Sessions and Coburn on Thursday, Attorney General Holder endorsed Sheriff Hackel’s position. (See Minutes 58.30-61 and 71.30-5 of the Judiciary Committee webcast here -on right.)

As ARAT notes:

according to the Justice Department's own statistics, in only 10% of the 650,000 violent interracial crimes that occur each year in this country are white offenders attacking black victims…In 90% of interracial violent crimes, whites are being attacked by blacks. Attacks on white individuals and couples by mobs of black youths are all too common in this country. If any racial group is being targeted for violence in this country, it's whites, by blacks. If any group is deserving of special protection from racially motivated violence, it's whites.

But that is not what the Hate Crime Bill Offensive is about.

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